Emergency Response and Restoration Support

CUEA Provides 24/7 Emergency Assistance to members, ensuring rapid access to both resources and Government Agencies during Emergencies.


CUEA is the only Utility Association with a Memorandum of Understanding with the California Office of Emergency Service

Mutual Assistance

Members take part in both Statewide and interstate Mutual Assistance Agreements with Washington, Oregon, Nevada and other Border States.

Planning, Training and Exercising

CUEA sponsors Emergency Management, Health and Safety, Homeland Security, FEMA and Utility Sector Specific Trainings.


Members receive legislative alerts on Utility affected issues, FBI/FOUO alerts, National Weather Service Warnings, Homeland Security Alerts, Cal OES activations, Earthquake and Tsunami warnings, Medical alerts, access to exclusive information on the CUEA website and quarterly newsletters.

Our Members

Desert Water Agency

Ducor Telphone